Welcome to W4 Cloud's documentation!


This documentation is a work in progress! If you notice any errors, missing information or other issues or have any question, please open an issue or contact us.

W4 Cloud services are designed to assist during the entire development process, and streamline releasing your game to the general public without having to engineer complex network infrastructure.

This includes:

  • Flexible hosting: Peer-to-peer networking (P2P) with signaling server or on-demand hosted scalable authoritative servers.

  • Programmable serverless backend: Including database functionality with real-time event support and hosting and server fleet dashboards and configuration.

  • Lobbies & matchmaking.

  • User and player management: Authentication with platform accounts, moderation.

  • Data storage for both game and player data: Leaderboards, player profiles, persistent world data, etc.

  • Resource storage: Game assets, DLCs, user generated content, etc.

  • Marketing & performance analytics.